I am compelled to bring more light into the world. My paintings explore states of freedom and expansion through an intuitive, light-based process. This approach is part of my own practice of shifting toward a lighter way of being. It is also part of my calling to assist humanity as it moves through a challenging phase in evolution. Beyond the darkness there is light. We must first trust that it's possible to get to the other side.

My earliest memory of being an artist is when I was about five. I remember sitting under a tree in a state of peaceful solitude on a warm summer day. The cooing of a dove soothed my heart as I gently formed circles out deep brown earth. Fast forward through a series of moves and the dissonant demands of public education. I found myself entering adulthood in a lost state. A naval recruiter called and within months I was under the ocean on a submarine. The journey back to my creative self started when I later earned a degree in interior architecture. I worked professionally in the commercial interiors industry for a number of years. In the background, I've always been an explorer of psychology and spirituality. While living in San Francisco I learned more about metaphysics and healing techniques which inspired me to become a therapist. I combined approaches from coaching, breathwork and energy healing to create a practice that encouraged others to open their hearts. The call to be an artist was always there. As I taught others to honor their own truth I had to face my own true path. I now bring my focus to developing and expressing my gifts as an artist. 

I consider myself a compassionate soul on an infinite journey. I've lived all over the USA, in places such as Seattle, Miami, LA and Chicago. I currently reside in Dallas, Texas and have my sights set on spending more time in England in the future. 

In addition to my artwork, I send out uplifting email updates via my mailing list about once or twice a month. You can sign up for those on my home page.

I wish you a joyful, and lighthearted journey.

With warm regards,